Une photo de Valérie Petitpierre qui travaille dans l'humanitaire, cliente du programme de coaching TRANSITIONS de Nancy Bonamy

The results are very positive. I’ve identified who I want to be and what I want to do, in the medium and longer term. I left the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the best possible way and I’m convinced I made the right choice. I feel serene and motivated in my new job.

Valérie Petitpierre, Humanitarian

This support helped me to get through a phase of intense burn-out, to validate what I wanted to do and to set clear goals for healthier and more motivating working conditions.

Anonymous, Humanitarian

Image qui illustre une personne de profil pour illustrer le témoignage anonyme d'une humanitaire et conjointe accompagnante ayant bénéficié du programme de coaching de Nancy Bonamy

Without this program, I’d probably still be going in circles in my head and not taking concrete steps forward. I feel much more positive, confident, and forward looking than I was before this coaching program, which I really needed.

K.O., humanitarian & accompanying spouse

Une photo d'Isabelle, humanitaire et conjointe expatriée, cliente coaching de Nancy Bonamy

I’ve defined the type of work I’d like to do, identified my strengths and skills and how to make the most of them. I’ve redone my CV and updated my application tools. I now have an action plan and more self-confidence! I don’t hesitate to apply for positions of responsibility (which I wouldn’t have done before the coaching).

Isabelle, Humanitarian

This coaching pushed me into action and helped me get out of my zone of doubts. I’ve gained an enormous amount of self-confidence and a better understanding of what’s important to me. I’ve landed a job that makes sense and where I can use my strengths.

Anne-Sophie, Expatriate Spouse

Une photo qui montre un travailleur humanitaire qui regarde le paysage. Cela illustre le témoignage d'un humanitaire sur son expérience de coaching en transition professionnelle.

Today, I have a clear vision and a plan of action. I’m more self-aware, knowing my strengths and weaknesses and not letting personal fears get in my way. I’m also more confident about the future. It was a rewarding transformative personalized process.

Anonymous, Humanitarian

Today, I’m calm and intentional about my decisions, making sure that everything is in line with who I really am, deep down!

Amanda Banda, Humanitarian

Testimonial of a humanitarian worker on Nancy Bonamy coaching

I’m more focused in my job search. I make sure it’s really what I want. I’ve realized that the experience I’ve gained in my current humanitarian organization is valuable, and how to translate it for an employer.

Anonymous, Humanitarian

I’ve managed to redefine my 13 years as an expatriate spouse in a positive way, and no longer as a big gap in my CV with no professional experience.

Lydie Cohuet, Expatriate Spouse

I now approach the selection process for my job applications with much more optimism and confidence!

Monica Garcia, Humanitarian

The results are beyond what I had hoped for: I’ve found my path, I know what I want to do and how to do it, without fear of judgement and without having to worry about it!

Aline Mazuel, Expatriate Spouse

I was feeling very low energy and very stuck on what to do moving forward in terms of my humanitarian work and lifestyle. It helped me gain perspective and feel more positive. Now, I feel much more conscious of my options. 

Anonymous, Humanitarian

I have much more enthusiasm, resilience, and a much better understanding of what’s important to me moving forward!

Tanya Wood, Humanitarian

It was a magical moment when I discovered my dream job. Today, I’m motivated to move forward this direction… which has never happened to me before!

Élodie Texier, Working Expatriate

I’m more confident, I accept myself better and I’m much more ambitious personally and professionally than I’ve ever been!

Reshma Adatia, Humanitarian

I’ve started to change about myself and feel completely ready and serene for my return to my home country, equipped with tools and a clear vision of what I want to be!

Sophie Panthou, Expatriate Spouse

Working with Nancy helped me to normalize my doubts, my questionings, and my desire for transition. Today, I have many tools in my hands. I certainly know myself better, and that’s one of the greatest added values of this program. I also have a concrete direction to follow.

Anonymous, Humanitarian

This coaching was the springboard I needed.

Claire Fortel, Expatriate Spouse

I made the inner journey I needed to unblock my life and make the decisions I needed to redirect it. I discovered myself to be resourceful and stronger than I thought.

Sandrine Girard, Humanitarian

Today, I have a clear long-term vision, numerous tools to use on a daily basis to improve my emotional and social intelligence, and increased assertiveness in my communication.

Matthieu, Humanitarian

I came away with a much clearer vision of my project, my priorities, and the means to make it a reality, so I can keep moving forward on my own!

Marie C., Working Expatriate

This coaching allowed me to take on challenges. I have grown!

​Anonymous, Humanitarian

I became aware of what was blocking me and was able to open a new chapter and move positively towards new projects.

Emilie Proust, Expatriate Spouse

This experience has been incredibly meaningful for me, helping me to bring closure to a lot of things and giving me a vision towards which to move forward.

Zabin Jadavj, Humanitarian

Nancy helped me identify my skills, my goals and define a clear and strategic action plan. Her holistic approach is a plus for those who want to successfully manage all aspects of their transitions.

Fabien Dubuet, Humanitarian

Nancy helped me a lot when I was in the process of leaving my previous job and making plans for a life as an independent.

Koos de Korte, Expatriate Spouse

Nancy helped me define my vision and create a concrete, step-by-step action plan to achieve my goals.

Rihana Azam, Working Expatriate

Today, I’ve clarified my goals…I’ve understood that I have resources within me that I can mobilize to initiate change!

Anonymous, Humanitarian

A special testimonial from the husband of one of my clients! – “I’ve seen my wife transformed. She has found her answers and is looking to the future with serenity.”

Laurent, husband of one of my expatriate spouse clients.

I regained my self-confidence in all areas of my life and found the motivation I needed to achieve my personal and professional goals.

CĂ©line R., Self-employed

Nancy had an incredible instinct for identifying my blocks and highlighting the patterns that were preventing me from making progress. I was able to realize what I needed to do differently to achieve my desired goals.

Marie Svobodova, Working Expatriate

Now I know what I want and what I need!

Julie B., Expatriate Spouse

Nancy helped me regain my optimism and creativity, as well as re-evaluate my views on myself and my life.

Margot Blom, Student back from expatriation

Nancy’s program is intelligent and tailored to your needs. She’s very creative and will use your best potential to boost your hard drive!

Zoé Fisher, Working Expatriate