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Webinar organized by CoCreate Humanity

What are the challenges for the accompanying expatriate spouse? How to find the right balance despite the status of “wife of…”?

This event will be live online and in English on September 27th, 2023. For more information, please contact me at

Quels enjeux pour la conjointe expatriée ? Un webinaire organisé par CoCreate Humanity et animé par Nancy Bonamy.

Webinar organized by CoCreate Humanity

What career transition should you make after years in the humanitarian field? Should you go or should you stay? (IN FRENCH)

Dans le cadre de l'association CoCreate Humanity, un webinaire sur la thématique de quelle transition après des années dans l'humanitaire.

I was lucky to host this online conference for the association CoCreate Humanity on how to make successful transitions in your life and career as a humanitarian.



How to manage the transitions of your expatriate life. (IN FRENCH)

Interviewed by Cristina Filipe Araujo for her Podcast Expat Heroes, we discussed the fascinating subject of how to manage the transitions of your expatriate life!


How Nancy Bonamy applies positive psychology to her life and work as a coach for expatriates and aid workers. (IN ENGLISH)

Interviewed in English by Emiliya Zhivotovskaya as part of her podcast The Flourishing Center, I talk about how I use the tools of positive psychology in my coaching approach for expatriates and humanitarians, and in my own personal and family life. My interview starts at minute 8:19, but you can enjoy the tips and tricks given before!


Is returning to Switzerland a challenge? (IN FRENCH)

Interviewed by Valérie Natal as part of her 5TH SWITZERLAND PODCAST, we talked about what to consider when returning to Switzerland, and many other expatriation-related topics… I also tell a few anecdotes about myself, my personal and professional life. Come and discover our friendly exchange!