My incredible adventure

(Article written in 2015)

For the last few years, I have lived an incredible adventure, a professional retraining, and a personal transformation. I know today that it might have been one of the most important transitions of my life. Why? Because it has allowed me to understand who I am, what I really want, equipped me with effective tools to increase my well-being and realize my life and career goals. Today, I have a life that I love and a job that allows me to help others to also create a life that makes them thrive and that looks like them. 

A road map of multiple transitions

​With more than 20 years of being an expat, and four different careers, I have experienced multiple personal and professional transitions. Some were chosen, others not; eventually all of them became positive experiences, often with unexpected enriching opportunities. However, some transitions were more complicated than others.
On the professional front, after ten years as a humanitarian delegate working in countries in war, my biggest challenge has been finding a new job/career that is as meaningful and fulfilling. On the personal front, becoming a parent has completely affected my priorities, values, life balance and goals. Two transitions that happened to occur at the same time!
I have experienced a long period of questioning looking for a new professional project and a personal balance that combines the mobile and international career of my husband, my wish to be a mother present for my children and my need to flourish professionally. Eventually I went back to school and got certified in personal and professional coaching as well as positive psychology. Today I have found my path. Currently, I am a self-employed coach and speaker, living in Washington D.C., from where I help my clients wherever they are in the world, both in English and in French.

Looking back, I know that if at that time I would have had a coach and the tools I have today, I would have navigated this period of uncertainty, self-questioning and procrastination with much more ease. It is thanks to coaching and positive psychology that I have today a life that makes me want to jump out of my bed every morning, and that I know I am well equipped to continue to fully flourish whatever might happen.

Sharing these experiences with you

It has been for a while that I have been looking for a way to share what I have learned, understood and discovered, not only with my coaching clients and workshop participants, but also more largely with those who follow me on Facebook or LinkedIn.
I finally decided to get out of my comfort zone and publish my blog!
The goal of my blog is to explain and share tools, techniques and knowledge, based on scientific research, which allow us to better deal with stress, increase our level of wellbeing, and fully flourish.
I will discuss various subjects such as: resilience, optimism, emotional intelligence, wellbeing, mindset, grit, stress management, goals setting & meeting, character strengths, mindfulness, how the brain works, the mechanism of a habit, transitions phases and stages of change.
All along the way, your reactions, comments and questions are more than welcome.

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