How to “sell” you career as a humanitarian?

Are you wondering how to “sell” your humanitarian career to potential future employers? Do you feel it’s difficult to explain your assets and what you have to offer? Do you think your humanitarian background is often misunderstood or misperceived?

If so, that’s what I’m talking about in this article!

Are you wondering how to explain, transcribe or promote your humanitarian career?

As a humanitarian, do you have the impression that your humanitarian career is difficult to promote in the eyes of potential future employers? Maybe you’re thinking: “How can I interest them with my atypical background?” or “How can I transcribe this humanitarian background so that it’s understood outside this sector or my organization?”

Deep down, do you believe that your humanitarian career is difficult to explain, that it’s hard to promote, or even that it’s poorly perceived?

I hear it very often from the humanitarians I work with.

You come to question your legitimacy!

The problem with this belief is that it makes you question your own legitimacy. Instead of identifying your strengths and assets, you come to focus essentially on what you think you ‘don’t have’ or ‘have too much of’:

  • “I don’t have such and such expertise, skill, experience…”
  • “I’ve changed organizations or employers too often…”.
  • “I don’t have a linear or upward career path…”
  • “I’ve done too much or too little field work…”
  • “I’m too much of a generalist, or on the contrary, too much of a specialist…”
  • “I’ve been with the same organization for too long…”
  • “My career path doesn’t make much sense…”
  • “My career path is a zigzag with no real logic…”

You only see your shortcomings and what you think could be a problem!

You no longer know how to promote and communicate your atypical humanitarian career!

You’ve lost sight of your strengths, your talents, your assets, your uniqueness. You no longer know what makes you so interesting to your future employer (yes, yes, I promise!).

Besides, I’m sure you know deep down (deep down! ) that you’ve acquired a solid experience! You know that you’re eligible for interesting positions, both inside and outside the humanitarian sector!

But you don’t know how to promote and communicate your atypical humanitarian career!

That said, let me explain something to you!

The problem isn’t your path, but rather your alignment!

What you think is a problem with your humanitarian path is actually a problem with your inner alignment!

Why? Because…

If you can’t communicate what you have to offer, it’s because there are parts of you that you’ve forgotten and other parts of yourself that you haven’t yet taken on!

The result?

Your understanding of what you have to offer is incomplete.

Your definition of what you can expect professionally is distorted.

To find your alignment, you need to fully embrace your humanitarian background and profile!

What you need is to uncover those hidden treasures within you, so that you can accept yourself as you are and turn your uniqueness into a strength!

Once you’ve uncovered and embraced those hidden parts of yourself, you’ll know how to make the most of your humanitarian career!

And contrary to what you might think, reconciling yourself with these hidden parts of yourself is easier and more liberating than it seems.

When you discover the treasures you hold within, you no longer see them as problems, but as: LEVERS TO ACTIVATE TO ENHANCE THE VALUE OF WHAT YOU HAVE TO OFFER AND TO COMMUNICATE IT WITH EASE.

It’s this alignment that will enable you to “sell” your humanitarian path!

🧡 That’s why alignment is at the heart of my coaching. 🧡

In my TRANSITION program dedicated to humanitarians, I propose 4 steps to regain this alignment:

  • I connect to my adventurous part (to those parts buried within me).
  • I collect my treasures and value my uniqueness.
  • I clarify my vision, what I really want and how to communicate it.
  • I take action to create the changes I need.

The result?


And that’s going to change your life! It’s precisely this alignment that will enable you to “sell” your humanitarian part!

I love this program because it helps you not only to clarify what you really want, but also to understand and fully assume who you are, with your experiences and your uniqueness! That’s what gives you the alignment you need!

In this coaching, you’re not on your own to do this work. I’m there to support you, push you and encourage you, without judgment and with kindness.

If this sounds like something for you, let me know what you think in the comments. If you’d like to go further, contact me directly to discuss it. You also may arrange an appointment for a free, introductory session. You can access my agenda directly here: Nancy’s agenda.

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