As an accompanying spouse, you’ve become an essential family pivot in helping your expatriate family settle in and flourish. This requires a great deal of flexibility, adaptation, and creativity on your part.

You consider yourself lucky to be living this experience abroad. Yet this choice has had an undeniable impact on your identity and your life path.

Today, you realize that it’s not necessarily easy to reinvent yourself or get back on track professionally with the label of “wife of…”!

You’re asking yourself a thousand questions about how to reclaim your rightful place and establish a good life balance, not only for your family… but for yourself too!

You realize that…

  • You no longer know what you really want, personally and professionally. You feel the need for a change, not knowing what kind of changes exactly.
  • You no longer know who you are outside your role as “wife of…” or “mother of…”. By donning this status, you’ve lost part of your identity (professional, social, financial) and you need to reconnect with who you are beyond these roles.
  • You’d like to go back on track with your career after years out of work, but you don’t know how to value your atypical experiences as an expatriate spouse or show up on the job market.
  • You’re faced with the impossibility of working in your host country, yet you’d like to learn how to thrive without a job. 
  • You want to prepare for your return in your home country. Since you live abroad, you’ve changed, you no longer have the same desires and needs, and you’d like to make sure you take the right decisions, those that will support you in making this return home a success.
  • You’re considering a career change, but don’t know how to go about it. You have too many or too few ideas, you don’t know what’s realistic and what isn’t, what you may and may not aspire to. You need to identify what would really suits you, and how to make it happen.
  • You’re facing a significant life change (the empty nest, a new expatriation, a burnout…) and you want to ease this transition by identifying what your next life chapter might be.
  • You’ve lost your self-confidence and don’t really feel legitimate anymore. The label of expatriate spouse and all those years out of work have significantly impacted your self-image! You find it hard to shake off other people’s opinions, you’re afraid of making a mistake, of failing! You’d like to boost your self-confidence and dare to be yourself!
  • You find it hard to deal with the uncertainties linked to your expatriate life, with its lack of visibility on what’s coming next, your loss of financial independence and the constant changes. You’d like to regain some serenity and boost your optimism.
  • You feel isolated and misunderstood. You feel alone in your questioning, and you have the impression that nobody really understands the difficulties you’re facing. You need support to clarify your situation and make the right decisions.

Tu réalises que :

  • Tu ne sais plus ce que tu veux vraiment, autant au niveau personnel que professionnel. Tu ressens le besoin d’un changement, sans pour autant savoir lequel exactement.
  • Tu ne sais plus qui tu es en dehors de ton rĂ´le de « femme de… » ou « maman de… ». En enfilant ce statut, tu as perdu une partie de ton identitĂ© (professionnelle, sociale, financière) et tu as besoin de te reconnecter avec qui tu es au-delĂ  de ces rĂ´les.
  • Tu voudrais te relancer professionnellement après des annĂ©es sans travailler, mais tu ne sais pas comment valoriser ton parcours atypique de conjointe expatriĂ©e, ni comment te prĂ©senter sur le marchĂ© du travail.
  • Tu fais face Ă  l’impossibilitĂ© de travailler dans ton pays d’accueil, pourtant tu voudrais identifier comment te rĂ©aliser.
  • Tu voudrais prĂ©parer ton retour au pays. Depuis ton expatriation tu as changĂ©, tu n’as plus les mĂŞmes envies et besoins et tu voudrais t’assurer de prendre les bonnes dĂ©cisions, celles qui vont te soutenir dans la rĂ©ussite de ce retour.
  • Tu envisages une rĂ©orientation professionnelle, sans savoir comment t’y prendre. Tu as trop ou pas assez d’idĂ©es, tu ne sais pas ce qui est rĂ©aliste ou non, ce Ă  quoi tu peux prĂ©tendre ou pas. Tu as besoin d’identifier ce qui te correspondrait vraiment et comment entrer en action pour le concrĂ©tiser.
  • Tu fais face Ă  un changement de vie important (le nid vide, une nouvelle expatriation, un burnout parental…) et tu souhaites faciliter cette transition et identifier quel pourrait ĂŞtre ton prochain chapitre de vie.
  • Tu as perdu confiance en toi et tu ne te sens plus vraiment lĂ©gitime. L’étiquette de conjointe accompagnante et toutes ces annĂ©es sans travailler ont eu un impact important sur l’image que tu as de toi ! Tu as de la peine Ă  te dĂ©faire du regard des autres, tu as peur de te tromper, de ne pas y arriver ! Tu voudrais booster ta confiance en toi et oser ĂŞtre toi !
  • Tu trouves compliquĂ© de gĂ©rer les incertitudes de ta vie d’expatriĂ©e, avec ce manque de visibilitĂ© sur la suite, ta perte d’indĂ©pendance financière, les changements constants. Tu voudrais gagner en sĂ©rĂ©nitĂ© et retrouver ton optimisme.
  • Tu te sens isolĂ©e et mal comprise. Tu te sens seule face Ă  tes questionnements et tu as l’impression que personne ne comprend vraiment les difficultĂ©s auxquelles tu es confrontĂ©e. Tu ressens le besoin d’avoir un soutien pour t’aider Ă  clarifier ta situation et prendre les bonnes dĂ©cisions.

I understand, I’ve been there!

10 years ago, after more than 15 years of expatriation in professional positions bearing many responsibilities, I took on the role of expatriate spouse. Against all odds, it was one of the biggest challenges I’d faced in my 28 years of expatriation!

At the time, I saw it as an opportunity to be more present for my children, but I was soon overtaken by the stakes involved with this role. Among other things, I found it hard to thrive with the label of wife of…”, found it hard to cope with the way others looked at me, the lack of recognition for this essential role and the lack of support.

I’ve also had to deal with a rocky road when I decided to return to work. I have spent an enormous amount of time questioning myself, before finally finding my rightful place and a balance that would enable me to combine my husband’s mobile and international career, my desire to be present for my children and my desire for professional fulfilment.

I got certified in life and career coaching at New York University (NYU) and developed my expertise on life and career transitions, well-being and resilience.

Today, I’m committed to facilitating the personal and professional transitions of the expatriate spouses I accompany, to help them avoid the pitfalls I went through myself, and enable them to realize their full potential. I have created the “4 levers to navigate with agility the personal and professional transitions of your life as an expatriate spouse.” program, a personalized support, adapted to the needs and challenges of expatriate spouses, whether before, during or after their expatriation.

As an expatriate spouse, what you need most today to succeed in your life and career transitions, is to reconnect with your inner Captain!

You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about!

I’m referring to all those expatriate spouses for whom their life has become so much their reality that they’ve forgotten how brave and ready to take on challenges they are! I bet you have too! Over time, with this label full of stereotypes, you’ve probably lost confidence in yourself, when deep down you’ve got everything you need to succeed in your personal and professional transitions!

Remember, the day you decided to leave your country, your job, and your loved ones, you didn’t take the easy way out, you made a courageous decision, you dared what the vast majority wouldn’t! You agreed to give up everything to follow your husband, and your curiosity led you to set off on this adventure, despite the social, professional, and personal costs involved. And from there, you took on the role of Captain for all organizational, logistical, and family aspects, to ensure the success of this expatriation and facilitate the well-being of the whole family! You demonstrated leadership, creativity, resilience, and many other skills!

That’s why, today, in order to create positive changes in your life as an expatriate spouse, before all you need to awaken that part of you which has proven its ability to adapt, and which knows how to be an incredible Captain! From there, you’ll be able to clarify what you really want in all areas of your life and navigate your life and career transitions with agility!

This alignment will enable you to dare to reclaim your rightful place in your personal, professional and family life, and establish a healthy balance for yourself and your whole family.

This is the path proposed in my program “4 levers to navigate with agility the personal and professional transitions of your life as an expatriate spouse.”

I’ve managed to redefine my 13 years as an expatriate spouse in a positive way, and no longer as a big gap in my CV with no professional experience.

Lydie Cohuet, Expatriate Spouse

The results are beyond what I had hoped for: I’ve found my path, I know what I want to do and how to do it, without fear of judgement and without having to worry about it!

Aline Mazuel, Expatriate Spouse

I’ve started to change about myself and feel completely ready and serene for my return to my home country, equipped with tools and a clear vision of what I want to be!

Sophie Panthou, Expatriate Spouse

A VIP program

  • A support as close as possible to your needs, considering your challenges as an expatriate spouse. 
  • A caring and non-judgmental ear. 
  • A method that includes in-depth reflection and concrete actions.
  • A holistic approach to positively impact all areas of your life. 

4 levers to navigate with agility the personal and professional transitions of your life as an expatriate spouse


I wake up the Captain in me

  • Awaken the courageous, inquisitive Captain in you (even if you can’t quite see, who I mean, yet!) and draw on your own resources.
  • Boost your self-confidence, optimism, motivation, and creativity.
  • Clarify which areas of your life need your attention and which ones you can lean on.
  • Identify your needs and how to meet them.
  • Uncover your blocks, doubts and limiting beliefs, and adopt a mindset that will help you succeed in this transition.
  • Gain a fine-tuned understanding of your identity and uniqueness by gathering all the treasures that are part of your background and personality : your values, your strengths, what makes your heart sing, your assets, your desires, your experiences, your skills, your qualities, your passions… and even the treasures hidden behind your flaws.
  • Write down your life mission: the impact you want to have on those around you, your community and society in general.
  • Clearly articulate what you have to offer and communicate it convincingly and assertively (to yourself and others), both in your social and personal life, and in the professional field (networking, CV, LinkedIn profile, etc.).


I gather my treasures and reveal my uniqueness

  • Rassembler toutes ces trĂ©sors qui font partie de ton parcours et de ta personnalitĂ© pour acquĂ©rir une comprĂ©hension fine de ton identitĂ© et de ta singularitĂ© : tes valeurs, tes forces, ce qui fait chanter ton cĹ“ur, tes atouts, tes envies, tes expĂ©riences, tes compĂ©tences, tes qualitĂ©s, tes passions… et mĂŞme les trĂ©sors cachĂ©s derrière tes (Ă©ventuels) dĂ©fauts.
  • RĂ©diger ta mission de vie : l’impact que tu souhaites avoir sur ton entourage, ta communautĂ© et la sociĂ©tĂ© en gĂ©nĂ©ral.
  • Articuler clairement ce que tu as Ă  offrir et le communiquer de façon convaincante et assertive (Ă  toi-mĂŞme et aux autres), autant dans ta vie sociale et personnelle, que dans le cadre professionnel (networking, CV, profil Linkedin, etc.) 


Je rassemble mes trésors et révèle ma singularité


I identify my new destination

  • Clarify what you really want, in all areas of your life, in the short, medium, and long term (even if you don’t think you can go that far now).
  • Identify your destination with clear, concrete goals that are ambitious, inspiring, and realistic.
  • Define an effective strategy and action plan to set your sails in the right direction and adapt them to the circumstances and uncertainties of your life as an expatriate spouse.
  • Act and move forward confidently, equipped with the right tools and a growth mindset!


I set my sails and stay the course

  • DĂ©finir une stratĂ©gie et un plan d’action efficaces pour dĂ©ployer tes voiles dans la bonne direction et les adapter aux circonstances et incertitudes de ta vie de conjointe accompagnante.
  • Entrer en action et avancer en toute confiance, Ă©quipĂ©e des bons outils et d’un Ă©tat d’esprit au top !


Je déploie mes voiles et garde le cap

The benefits of this program

At the end of this program, you will have an excellent knowledge of:

  • Who you are today,
  • What you have to offer,
  • What you really want,
  • How to communicate it, and
  • How to achieve it.

And that’s not all! Along the way, you’ll also:

  • Strengthen your confidence in yourself and in the future.
  • Regain your energy, optimism, and creativity.
  • Experience a real transformation that will enable you to accept yourself as you are and become your own best friend!
  • Create your own toolbox to face future transitions and challenges in your life.
  • …and so much more!

100% of my clients have increased their self-confidence and clarified what they really want for each area of their lives!

How does it work?

The program is based on two complementary components:

  • Resources and exercises to support your reflection process.
  • Personalized coaching sessions to meet your specific needs.

In concrete terms, it includes:

8 personalized 1-hour sessions with me.

8 modules of exercises to support your reflection.

Resources to develop your mental and emotional resilience.

An online assessment to identify your strengths and exercises to develop them.

A VIP follow-up for the entire duration of the program and an exchange three months after the end of the program to take stock of your progress.

Would you like to discuss whether this program is right for you?


This program goes far beyond the traditional skills assessment, facilitating a much broader reflection and considering your entire life and career path (and not just your professional skills).

This is particularly important in your case, as this program enables you to learn how to make the most of your profile and background as an expatriate spouse.

Yes, in the sense that you’ll clearly know who you are, what you have to offer, what you want, how to communicate it and how to make it happen. That’s your strength! You’ll also have gained self-confidence and clarity about what you want to communicate in your job search! And above all, you’ll have defined an effective strategy and action plan to land the job you’re looking for. 

If this is part of your coaching objectives, during the program you can also work on your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I’d like to stress that I can give you my personal feedback on your application tools, but I have no specific expertise in this area (as persons with an HR profiles or a recruiter might have). Nor do I have any information about the job market in the country you’re applying to.

Yes, that’s right! This program allows you to take stock of where you are today, what your needs and desires are, and from there, clarify what you really want for all areas of your life. Some of the spouses I’ve coached chose not to go back on the job market. They have identified and implemented a personal project that was close to their hearts or put in place what they needed to achieve their full potential.

My clients often mention in their introductory session that they’re afraid they won’t make it! And yet, each one of them has achieved their coaching goals!  

At the very start of the coaching process, we define your coaching goals together. That’s how we ensure you achieve them by the end of the coaching engagement. 

If you commit fully to this program, you’re guaranteed to leave with a better understanding of who you are, what you need and want, and what you really want, professionally, personally and for your family. You’ll also be equipped with a strategy and action plan that will help you make your life or career goals a reality.

This program includes 8 individual coaching sessions. The duration of the program depends on the regularity of our sessions: 

  • 2 months if we meet weekly. 
  • 4 months if we meet every other week.

In the introductory session, we can discuss the most appropriate frequency for your situation.

It’s an excellent idea to prepare for your expatriation! It’s an important transition. Yes, we can discuss how to adapt this program to your situation.

For this program to be beneficial, it’s essential that you make time for this reflection and make it one of your priorities. In concrete terms, in addition to the 8 coaching sessions, I propose reflection exercises to help you along the way. They require about 2 hours of work between each session, but this depends on each individual.

It’s important to me that we have a first contact to evaluate together if this program is right for you. Then I’ll let you know about the financial investment. This initial contact is without obligation, and you’ll have plenty of time to then take your decision.

Would you like to discuss whether this program is right for you?