As a director, manager or HR manager of a humanitarian organization or international company, you want to support your employees and teams in their career transitions, professional development, and well-being at work.

You know that it’s essential in the humanitarian and international sector to have managers and teams who are aware, individually, and collectively, about mental health issues and how to take care of their well-being in the workplace. You are also aware that you will have efficient, motivated, and fully committed professionals by supporting your employees in their professional development, transitions, and well-being.

Whether at headquarters or in the field, your employees need your support to:

  • Facilitate their life and career transitions: taking up a new position with new responsibilities, defining a career development plan, returning to work after a burnout, reinforcing soft skills, and clarifying their professional orientation.
  • Reinforce their mental, emotional, and social resilience: taking care of their mental health and developing their emotional and social intelligence to bounce back with agility from the challenges of their life as a humanitarian and/or expatriate.
  • Prevent burnout and promote well-being at work: raise awareness and prevent burnout, learn how to recharge their batteries sustainably, promote well-being at work, and create a caring work environment.

My mission

I work with humanitarian organizations and international companies willing to support their employees in their career development and professional transitions, strengthening their resilience, preventing burnout, improving their well-being at work, considering their specific challenges as expatriates and/or humanitarian professionals.

My assets

An expatriate myself for 28 years, I have worked in a dozen different countries in Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, and North America, including 10 years in the humanitarian field with the International Committee of the Red Cross, in several positions with significant management and leadership responsibilities (delegate, head of office, program coordinator, deputy head of delegation). I worked for 8 years in emergency contexts (Palestine, Chechnya, Congo-Brazzaville, Sudan, Iraq) and 2 years at the organization’s headquarters as Head of a Protection Sector and as a Methodological Advisor in Detention.

In 2014, I certified in personal & professional coaching at New York University and in positive psychology, resilience, and emotional & social intelligence. I also trained in burnout prevention and post-burnout career guidance. Throughout my studies, I honed my expertise in life and career transitions, the challenges of expatriation and the humanitarian world. I delved into well-being at work, non-violent communication, and mindfulness meditation.

I offer programs, in French and English, tailored to the humanitarians and expatriates’ needs, as well as programs tailored to the humanitarian organizations and international companies willing to support their employees.

My areas of expertise

Career transition and development

Starting in a new position, developing professional skills, setting career goals, post-burnout career guidance, communication, leadership, management, self-confidence, etc.

Burnout prevention and well-being at work

Burnout prevention, strengthening emotional, mental, physical, and social resilience, promoting mental health and well-being at work.

The target audience

All employees in the field or at Headquarters: executives, managers, program managers, 1st mission.

The various formats

Individual coaching





Let’s set-up a time to discuss your Organization/Company’s needs.