A program for humanitarians and expatriate spouses who want to avoid a professional burnout, a parental burnout or a relapse after a burnout.

You feel tired and under stress…

  • You lack energy and drive.
  • You’re on all fronts, with a to-do-list as long as your arm, managing emergencies to the detriment of what’s essential in your life.
  • Your head is full of injunctions: “I’ve got to… “Hurry up!”, “Be nice!”, “Make sure!”, “Don’t complain!”
  • You feel you always must do more and better, with no room for error.
  • You have lost your optimism, your motivation and feel a general sense of frustration.

  • Your day-to-day life is no longer fun or joyful.

You realize there are signs…

  • It’s harder to fall asleep or you wake up tired.
  • You can’t switch off or recover properly, even with time off.
  • You feel less efficient, productive, and focused.
  • You’re more emotional than usually or more often irritated, frustrated or angry.
  • You find yourself no longer listening, patient or empathetic.
  • You start to lose confidence in yourself and your skills.
  • You tend to isolate yourself.
  • You question the meaning of your work.
  • Sometimes you can even be a little cynical!

You carry on regardless because you say to yourself:

  • It’s just a slump, a bit of stress, nothing serious, I’m managing!
  • Anyway, I have no choice. I can’t stop: too many people and things depend on me.
  • Stress is part of my life and that’s how it is!
  • I just must survive the next few weeks, and then I’ll be okay.
  • I’ve been through worse, I’ll be okay, I must be strong.

Yet deep down you know… you can’t go on like this!

Your batteries are empty, and this lack of energy impacts your whole life and work. You want to get out of this infernal cycle! You’d like to understand what’s happening to you, how to better take care of yourself and get your energy back!

That’s why you’re here today!

Good news, you’re in the right place at the right time… and I’ll tell you why!

There are 2 essential keys for taking care of yourself and your energy!

Taming your inner Off-Road Pilot!

Your inner Off-Road Pilot tends to give high value to work and/or parenting! She’s committed, willing, invested, responsible and loyal! She’s competent, efficient, adaptable, and proactive. She’s resilient and doesn’t give up. She wants to do well and please. She’s empathetic and respects others.

This part of you is so extraordinary that those around you and/or your employer rely on you enormously, to the point of asking a lot of you all the time! And it’s precisely this part of you that makes you forget yourself along the way! The key here is to tame the active Off-Road Pilot within you, so that you can concretely identify how to take care of yourself!

Understanding how your energy battery works!

Your energy level impacts your well-being in every area of your life! Without energy, you can’t hope to be efficient, available, think clearly, take a step back, make the right decisions, unleash your creativity, look after others, nurture your self-confidence, and make successful life and career transitions.

And yet, chances are you don’t know precisely how to check your battery gauge, detect and plug your energy leaks, limit internal and external pressures and how to recharge your battery efficiently! The key here is to understand exactly how your energy battery works, so that you can feed it efficiently and sustainably.

These two keys are an integral part of my program “4 impulses to detect your energy leaks and recharge your batteries.”

A different kind of program: no miracle recipes, no sermons!

A personalized program that helps you identify what YOU, and you alone, need to take care of yourself and fill your energy tank.

This support helped me to get through a phase of intense burn-out, to validate what I wanted to do and to set clear goals for healthier and more motivating working conditions.

Anonymous, Humanitarian


  • Flexible support tailored to your needs and current energy level.
  • A empathic ear and a positive, confidential environment.
  • A method combining reflection and concrete actions.
  • A holistic approach to positively impact all areas of your life, considering your specific challenges as a humanitarian or expatriate spouse.
  • The opportunity to put together your own “Wellness & Energy” kit, the one that’s right for you.

4 impulses to detect your energy leaks and recharge your batteries


I check my energy gauge

  • Take stock of your current energy levels.
  • Tame your inner Off-Road Pilot.
  • Explore how your energy battery works.
  • Identify and favor what nourishes your energy.
  • Identify your needs and how to meet them (including those outside work and children).
  • Explore how to become your own best ally to power up your energy battery.
  • Align yourself with who you are today, your values, strengths, desires and needs.


I power up my energy battery

  • DĂ©celer et favoriser ce qui nourrit ton Ă©nergie.
  • Identifier tes besoins et comment les combler (aussi ceux hors du travail ou des enfants)
  • Explorer comment devenir ta propre meilleure amie pour en faire ta meilleure alliĂ©e.
  • T’aligner avec qui tu es aujourd’hui, tes valeurs, tes forces, tes envies et tes besoins.


J’alimente ma batterie d’énergie


I plug my energy leaks

  • Limit your energy thieves, strains, and sources of stress.
  • Activate your “on, off & pause” switches to disconnect efficiently.
  • Set priorities, sort out your to-do-list, differentiate the urgent from the important.
  • Develop your assertiveness, verbalize what doesn’t suit you, and limits… without guilt or shame.
  • Make your injunctions more flexible and let go of the weight of other people’s opinions.
  • Clarify how to organize your work and daily life to preserve your well-being and energy.
  • Strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Define a strategy and action plan to continue taking care of yourself and regularly recharging your batteries.
  • Put together your own “Well-being & Energy” kit, to take with you wherever you go.


I nurture and maintain optimal energy levels

  • Clarifier comment amĂ©nager ton travail et ton quotidien de manière Ă  prĂ©server ton bien-ĂŞtre et ton Ă©nergie.
  • Renforcer ta confiance en toi et en l’avenir.
  • DĂ©finir une stratĂ©gie et un plan d’action pour continuer Ă  prendre soin de toi et Ă  rĂ©gulièrement recharger tes batteries.
  • Constituer ta propre trousse « Bien-ĂŞtre & Énergie », Ă  emporter partout avec toi.


Je nourris et maintiens un niveau d’énergie optimal

The benefits of this program

With this program you will:

  • Understand how you and your energy battery function.
  • Take concrete action to look after yourself and your energy.
  • Regain your energy and balance.
  • Feel more aligned with who you are and what you need.
  • Feel efficient, focused, and motivated again.
  • Be more available for your loved ones and what really matters.
  • Regain confidence in your professional and parenting skills.
  • Rediscover the desire and pleasure of getting involved in projects close to your heart.
  • Become your own best ally.
  • Avoid burnout or prevent a post-burnout relapse.
  • Put together your “Well-being & Energy” kit, adapted to your needs, constraints, and desires.

How does it work?

The program is based on two complementary components:

  • Resources and exercises to support your thinking process.
  • Personalized coaching sessions to meet your needs and support you in your transformation and implementation of actions sustaining your well-being. 

In concrete terms, it includes:

8 personalized 1-hour sessions with me.

8 modules of exercises to support your thinking process.

Resources to help you take care of yourself.

An online assessment to identify your strengths and exercises to develop them.

A VIP follow-up for the entire duration of the program and an exchange three months after the end of the program to take stock of your progress.

+ ADDITIONAL OPTION: Clarifying my post-burnout professional orientation.

Following a burnout, or when exhaustion has been avoided, preparing your return to work and/or reflecting on your professional (re)orientation, may be necessary and healthy. If you’re interested, you can choose this additional option “I’m clarifying my post-burnout professional orientation”, which perfectly complements the 4 previous impulses.

This option offers 2 individual sessions and 2 additional modules, to be completed after the first 4 impulses.


Clarifying my post-burnout professional orientation

  • Reveal your uniqueness: your assets, values, strengths, and everything that makes you unique.
  • Formulate your life mission: the impact you wish to have in your work, on your loved ones, your community, and more broadly on the society.
  • Clarify what you really want (and what you really don’t want anymore), for all areas of your life, with a particular focus on your professional sphere.
  • Communicate your needs, desires, values, what you have to offer and your life and career goals clearly.
  • Engage your return to work or career transition with an effective strategy and action plan, accompanied by concrete tools to sustain your professional and personal well-being.

Would you like to discuss whether this program is right for you?


If you’re on sick leave, you’ll need to be monitored by your doctor and/or a psychologist. That said, my program complements this monitoring. My support helps you clarify your operating mode and how to take action. I regularly have clients who follow both approaches simultaneously. During our introductory session, we’ll clarify your current energy level and, from there, assess the best time to start working together. Please contact me for an introductory session, if you’d like to discuss it.

Yes, this program is highly recommended after a burnout. It enables you to prevent a relapse by helping you to clarify your operating mode and by supporting you in implementing concrete actions to nourish your energy sustainably. In addition, as mentioned above, following a burnout, it is common to engage in a in-depth questioning about one’s post-burnout professional orientation. I propose an option with the 5th impulse, and which you can include, if you wish, in your support. If you have any questions, contact me so we can discuss them!

Yes, clearly! This program will help you understand how you function, your needs and how to take care of yourself! It’s a great way to avoid burnout, take care of your mental and emotional health and establish a healthy balance in your life.

Yes, clearly, it considers the challenges faced by humanitarians. I know your realities well, having worked for 13 years in the humanitarian field: 3 years with a small NGO in development, 8 years in emergency contexts with the International Committee of the Red Cross and 2 years at headquarters in Geneva. I know from experience that it’s particularly difficult to take care of oneself and one’s energy as a humanitarian, and it’s, therefore, essential to consider the constraints and realities of humanitarian workers. That’s why I was keen to create a program that addresses the specific problems of humanitarians in the field and at headquarters, willing to avoid burnout and take care of their well-being.

Yes, it certainly considers the issues faced by expatriate spouses, who are often isolated and misunderstood. I’ve been an accompanying spouse myself for 9 years, and I know how taboo the subject of parental well-being and burnout is in this milieu! That’s what prompted me to create a program that addresses the specific issues of accompanying expatriate spouses who want to regain their energy and take care not only of their family’s well-being, but of themselves too!

If you are fully committed to this program, you will inevitably gain an excellent understanding of how you function and how to take good care of yourself and your energy. At the very start of the program, we’ll define together what goals you’d like to achieve by the end of the program. That’s how we’ll make sure you reach them. It’s common for my clients to mention during the introductory session that they’ve already tried everything and never succeeded… and yet, without exception, each one of them has reached their coaching goals!

This program complements the work done with a psychologist. My support helps you clarify how you function and act. It also helps you maximize and sustain the benefits of your therapy. I regularly have clients who follow both approaches simultaneously. If you need clarification, contact me so we can discuss it!

Depending on your chosen formula, this program includes 8 or 10 individual coaching sessions with 8 or 10 modules. The length of the program depends on the regularity of our sessions. I generally suggest that we meet once every 15 days, meaning that the program lasts between 4 and 5 months, depending on the formula. It’s a short program (although at this stage you may be thinking otherwise). The good news is that right from the start, you’ll feel a positive impact on your energy levels. In the introductory session, we can discuss the frequency and duration most appropriate to your situation and schedule.

I need to have a first contact with you to evaluate together if this program is right for you. Then I’ll let you know how much the investment for this program is. This initial contact is non-binding, so you’ll have plenty of time to take your decision.

This program is aimed at women, but not exclusively, as I also work with men. What’s important is that we’re able to build a relationship based on trust, and to make sure we are a good match (and this applies to both men and women). If you’re a male humanitarian or expatriate spouse, you’re more than welcome to contact me for an introductory session!

Would you like to discuss whether this program is right for you?