I support humanitarians and expatriate spouses willing to create positive, lasting changes in their professional and personal life, and achieve successful professional and personal transitions.

I’m Nancy Bonamy, certified in Life & Career Coaching, Resilience and Well-being. I am also trained in Burnout Prevention and Post-Burnout Career Guidance.


In every transition, whether desired or imposed, there are opportunities and a chance to reinvent yourself, a little, a lot, even passionately!

The secret to successful life and career transitions lies in your ability to reconnect with who you are today and what you really want for all areas of your life.

You have all the answers within you on how to re-enchant your professional and personal life.


I’m an expatriate for 28 years, I’ve worked in a dozen countries in Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, and North America. I also returned to my home country, Switzerland, for 5 years.

My career path is atypical and includes several very different career changes. I have worked as an elementary school teacher, as a manager for professional musicians, as a humanitarian with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for ten years, as an expatriate spouse (yes, it’s a job too!) …and since 2014, as a Life & Career Coach for humanitarians and expatriate spouses.

The day I took on the role of expatriate spouse, I realized, much to my surprise, how complicated this position – too often misunderstood and not at all valued – was to take on. I faced many obstacles in terms of professional and personal fulfillment. I had to learn to live with this reductive label of “wife of…” and compete with ingenuity to often reinvent myself!

As a humanitarian worker with the ICRC, I have spent 8 years in the field in emergency contexts (Palestine, Chechnya, Congo-Brazzaville, Sudan, Iraq) and 2 years at Headquarters in Geneva. In addition to the challenges directly linked to my humanitarian work, I had to face the difficulties of taking care of myself and my life balance. I also experienced a rapid career progression (Deputy Head of Delegation right after my 2nd mission) with all the challenges and learnings that this implies regarding management, communication, and leadership. After 10 years in this sector, I finally had to learn how to reorient myself professionally after all this time in this sector.

Since 2014, I’m a certified in Life & Career Coaching, Positive Psychology, Resilience, Social & Emotional Intelligence. I’m also trained in Burnout Prevention and Post-Burnout Career Orientation. Throughout my studies, I developed my expertise on issues related to life and career transitions, expatriation, humanitarian sector, the status of expatriate spouse, and studied many other subjects such as well-being, non-violent communication, mindfulness meditation, etc.


My life is full of transitions and for a long time I managed all these changes with great ease… until one day, where I was no longer able to identify what I really wanted, how to reclaim my rightful place and ensure a good life balance.

At the time, I was facing several circumstances that had important impacts on me:

  • Professionally, after years in the humanitarian field, I was no longer satisfied with my life balance, though not knowing what to do about it. When I finally decided to leave the humanitarian sector, I was at a total loss as to how to find a new, meaningful career direction that would combine my past experiences.
  • On a personal level, becoming a parent marked a real turning point in my life. It felt like a tsunami, turning my priorities, values, expectations, and goals upside down.
  • And finally, the day I took on the (too often) misunderstood status of expatriate spouse, I faced many obstacles to reinventing myself and living a fulfilling life.

It was through coaching and my various training courses that I finally succeeded in creating the positive changes I needed. Throughout my studies, I had the privilege of equipping myself with tools that still enable me to bounce back with agility from life’s challenges! What has had a real positive impact on my career is to have been able to clarify who I am today, to identify what I really want and to have learned to put in place the right strategies to achieve my goals.

My experiences and training have naturally led me to work with humanitarians and expatriate spouses willing to create positive changes in their lives and navigate successfully their personal and professional transitions.


Today, I’m lucky to have an incredible job, which gives me the unique opportunity to pass on practical tools to the people I accompany, so that they too, can create positive, lasting changes in their professional and personal life.

Thanks to my programs, the humanitarians and expatriate spouses I support can reconnect with their own needs and desires, dare to reclaim their rightful place, and find the right balance in their lives, without guilt or shame.

I have created a specific method for each program:

4 steps to successfully navigate the professional and personal transitions of your life as a humanitarian.

4 levers to navigate with agility the personal and professional transitions of your life as an expatriate spouse.

4 impulses to detect your energy leaks and recharge your batteries.

Each method offers a clear, structured framework for reflection, providing the soil you need to activate your creativity and cultivate the ideas, solutions, answers, and decisions that respond to your unique and singular situation. This is what is going to help you create the positive, lasting changes you really need and dream of!

Individual sessions support this framework for reflection. You leave each session with a better understanding of yourself, of what you really want, and with concrete actions to put in place.

At the end of my coaching sessions, you’re equipped with your unique box of ressources, which you can take with you wherever you go, long after we’ve finished working together.

I accompany my clients in French and English


You want to know a little more about me? Here’s a short article where I tell you more about my experience as an expatriate and humanitarian woman.

My story as an expatriate expatriate and humanitarian woman for over 28 years tells you about how navigating life and career transitions.

​The greatest traveler is not the one who has been around the world ten times, but the one who has been around himself only once.



Certification in Personal & Professional Coaching – New York University (NYU) – New York

Trained in Burnout Prevention & Post Burnout Orientation – Ciao Burnout – Belgium

Trained in PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) Reconsolidation Therapy – Brunet Method – Canada

Certification in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) – The Flourishing Center (TFC) – New York

Certification in Emotional & Social Intelligence – Institute Social & Emotional Intelligence (ISEI)- Denver

Certified Resilience Trainer – Bounce Back Better® – The Flourishing Center (TFC) – New York

Certified Facilitator – Flourishing Skills Group® – The Flourishing Center (TFC) – New York

Certification in the use of the DiSC® tool – New York University (NYU) – New York

Positive Psychology in Coaching – Institute for Social & Emotional Intelligence (ISEI) – Denver

Group coaching – New York University (NYU) – New York

Teaching Diploma for Elementary School – Ecole Normale de Fribourg – Switzerland